4. Chat with Lex Bot & Publish it

Chat with Lex Bot

  1. Start by typing What is my checking account balance? (or press the microphone button and ask your question using your computer mic). You should get an answer.

  2. Then type What is my home loan balance? (or ask using your mic). Notice that Lex is able to recognize that you are wanting to trigger the GetLoanDetail intent even though what you typed - What is my home loan balance?”, which did not exactly match the sample utterance that you configured the intent with which was “Get my {LoanType} loan balance”.

  3. Type more loan info and see how Lex returns information on the current, new home loan rate. In this case, because we didn’t set the ‘slot’ to be required, we did not need to specify whether we were looking for more information on car or home loans … Lex returned information on the loan type (in this case, home) that we had just asked about.

Publish the Lex Bot

  1. Go to Setting tab

  2. Enter UAT in Alias Name

  3. Choose Latest as Bot version

  4. Click the blue “+” button

  5. Click Publish

  6. Choose the created alias, click Publish to continue