8. Test Custom Skill

You can run a test on Alexa Developer Console or open your Alexa APP to interact with the mobile. You could also test on echo, if you have the physical device.

Alexa Developer Console

  1. Click on Test tab

  2. Make sure test is enabled.

  3. Type Open Personal Banker (your invocation name) to start the conversation

  4. Type What is my saving account balance? to see the result

  5. Type What is my account balance? to see the result

  6. Feel free to continue to explore other utterances.

Alexa APP

  1. Download the Alexa app and sign in using your developer account.

  2. Click on the tab button in the upper-left and choose Skills & Games to check your developed skill

  1. Click the center button to start utterance test. Invoke the skill by saying your invocation name, say “open personal bank”

  2. The alexa app should be invoked and respond back.

Echo Device

  1. If you haven’t setup your echo device, please go to getting-started to finish the process first.
  2. Invoke your Alexa by saying “Alexa” and invoke your skill by invocation name. For example, “open personal bank”.