9. Add Slot Filling

In this part, you will learn how to configure Slot Filling and check how the conversation will change with before after the configuration is on. You will then be able to decide when to enable this function flexibly.

  1. Click on the Build tab

  2. Select Slot AccountType under GetAccountDetail intent

  3. Switch on Is this slot required to fulfill the intent? in Slot Filling

  4. Enter which account, saving for checking? and click “+” button in Alexa speech prompts.

  5. Click Save Model, and then Build Model, waiting for the building finished

  6. Go back to the Test tab

  7. Type Open personal banker to get started

  8. Type What is my account balance? to see result.

  9. Feel free to continue to explore other utterances.

Compare the difference

So far, you should notice the difference of Slot Filling. You could also check the differences from these captures.

  • Before Slot Filling

  • After Slot Filling