This chapter prepares all the prerequisites for the hands-on labs.

  1. AWS global region Account. Please open an AWS account. You need a valid credit card to set up your account.

  2. Amazon developer account. Go visit Amazon Developer Portal to create an account for free.

  3. Alexa APP. Please download Alexa APP using App Store or Google Play.

    • For iPhone users, you won’t be able to find the APP if you are using Chinese App store account. Do use global accounts.
    • For Google Play users, you will need VPN to download the APP and change country setting to anything except China and disable GPS. If the country setting and GPS location is still China, you will meet timeout error whenever you open the APP.
    • If you can not download the Alexa APP due to network or account issues, you can use AWS Device Farm as an alternative plan and could still proceed with the lab.
  4. Register a GitHub account.


  1. This Workshop only supports N.Virginia(us-east-1) AWS Region。

AWS Knowledge

It is better to have the following AWS knowledge to continue the workshop. However, it is not a requirement.

0 No knowledge.
1 Just starting to explore this Service.
2 Basic knowledge of this Service. May requires assistance.
3 Comfortable describing this Service to a customer and how it integrates with multiple AWS Services.
4 Can demonstrate a deeper level of understanding in integration/arch context/coding.
5 Subject matter expert in this Service.