3. Bind Device to User

In this chapter, scan the QR Code generated from the virtual Smart Lamp simulator to create binding relationship between device and user.

  1. Use your Camera or Wechat Application to scan the generated QR Code. The QR Code is generated in Build Smart Lamp Simulator.

  2. The browser will be navigated to a login page, create an account if don’t have one.

  3. Sign In and it will be navigated to Device Binding page

  4. Click the Bind button

  5. Refresh the page to check if the button’s status has changed to Unbind

  6. Go to DynamoDB Console to check the item in table named Device-xxxxxxx. thingName is the name of thing you created, and the username is the username field in Cognito User Pool.

Again, the above could be one of the ways to create relationship between devices and users. Alexa does not have requirement for this. It is your own responsibility to design the workflow.