10. Test Smart Home Skill

Now, you can try control the Smart Lamp power status using voice.

Change ON/OFF status of smart lamp

Make sure your Smart Lamp Simulator is running. You will see the output from its terminal.

  1. Try speak Alexa, turn on <device-friendly-name> to Alexa App or Echo device.

  2. Try speak Alexa, turn off <device-friendly-name> to Alexa App or Echo device.

  3. Check your Smart Lamp Simulator output

  4. Go to Alexa Developer Console, select your Skill

  5. Click the Test tab, and try input turn on the

Challenge: Smart home group practice (Optional)

You may have multiple lamps in multiple rooms. Try create one living room, one bedroom, two lamps. Put one lamp in each room, and try Alexa, turn on the Lamp in bedroom.

  1. create another Smart Lamp

  2. Bind Smart Lamp to user

  3. Run Discover again

  4. Create groups

  5. Associate groups and devices

  6. Edit friendly name of device

Challenge: Standard Smart Light device practice (Optional)

Now the Smart Lamp is considered as an “Other” device in Alexa App. Modify the code to make the lamp can be recognized as a standard Alexa-Enabled Light. If doing so, you can control the Light device by tap the Lamp’ ON/OFF button in Alexa App.