Conclusion & Destroy AWS Resources

Congratulations! Now you have finished all the contents for lab2: How to build a Smart home Skill.

For destroying resources, please check the below.

Destroy Device Binding UI

  1. Go to Cognito User Pool Console

  2. Select the User Pool created

  3. Click Domain name on the left side bar

  4. Click Delete domain, select the checkbox and confirm to delete

  5. Go to AWS Amplify Console

  6. Select the Amplify APP

  7. Select Actions in the top right corner and click delete app

  8. Go to CloudFormation Console

  9. Select the CloudFormation stack without NESTED tag, please make sure you have selected the right CloudFormation stack

  10. Click Delete

  11. If you have the following error while delete the CloudFormation template, select the template and delete again, on the popup window, do NOT select resource

Destroy Lambda & Lambda Execution Role

  1. Go to Lambda Console

  2. Tick the radio box before the lambda function

  3. Click Actions, and then select Delete

  4. Go to AWS IAM Console, click Roles on the left side bar

  5. Search for the lambda execution role and delete